Pro audio parts from JRF
Photo of Athan audio parts
Even though it has not been widely known, JRF has always helped customers to secure those hard-to-find parts to keep their tape machines running. Close relationships with the original equipment manufacturers, as well as with independent manufacturers of quality "after market" parts, enables JRF to offer support to this area of the market.

These days, with companies changing faster than anyone can keep up with, it can be very difficult to know who to talk to or where to call for parts. At JRF, we are in constant contact with manufacturers and can usually get results. We are an authorized parts and service center for Sony Professional Audio, Studer, Otari, and Tascam.

JRF also is proud to represent the entire line of Athan Corporation products. Athan has been a valuable source of many transport parts for Ampex, Otari, MCI, Mincom & Studer equipment for almost 25 years. Quality and consistency is the trademark of Athan's replacement parts, motor repair, and all the other services they provide. Click here for a list of the most common Athan replacement parts for pro audio tape recorders which are available through us.

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