Every kind of alignment tape for every purpose
JRF Magnetic Sciences is proud to be your source for the most highly-regarded manufacturers of test tapes and recording media in the world.

The MRL and RMGI product lines offer an unmatched level of quality, consistency and decades of customer confidence and satisfaction.

Every calibration tape is individually recorded in real time. Regular and correct use of these products will facilitate quality, reliability and insure international compatibility of the finished analog recorded product.

JRF and Magnetic Reference Laboratory
Photo of MRL products
The JRF Magnetic Sciences / Magnetic Reference Laboratory relationship dates back 20 years, and today, MRL continues to be responsive to the individual requirements, both large and small, of our customers. The attached MRL price list is a select sampling of the MRL product line, representing the most requested part numbers. Should your requirements call for a tape not listed, let us know and we will be happy to research it.
Click here to go to the MRL Test Tape Order Form
Click here to download a PDF of the MRL Test Tape Order Form.
RMGI Professional Recording Media
JRF is pleased to offer the czomplete line of Recording The Masters recordable media, featuring all widths and lengths of analog reel to reel recording tape. RTM tape is manufactured to the highest quality standards with formulations avilable for most audiophile/home and professional recording applications.

SM468 Typical record level +3 (250nWb/m) Musician / Studio Master Tape

SM911 Typical record level +6 (355nWb/m) Studio Master 

SM900 Typical record level +9 (500nWb/m) Studio Master (High Output)

LPR-35 1/4-inch 1 mil Studio Master / Voice 

RTM tape is available in standard 1/4", 1/2", 1" & 2" tape widths, typical reel sizes / lengths and supplied on NAB hubs, Trident plastic and NAB metal reels. Click here for a complete product listing and pricing.

Click here to visit the official Recording The Masters website to review technical specifications and data.

RMGI tapes
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