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Since the very early days of analog tape recording, Nortronics has been the most widely known and respected head manufacturer in the world. Nortronics heads have been the choice of many professional and consumer tape recorder manufacturers since 1957.

Joe Dundovic, one of the original founders of Nortronics who served as chief engineer throughout the life of the company, retired in 1987. Since Nortronics was moving into other markets, part of Joe's retirement package was the entire analog head inventory.

JRF had been a dealer for Nortronics since 1979 and naturally continued to work with Joe and his Magnetic Head Company until he decided to really retire in 2008. After working with Joe for over 35 years, JRF was selected to purchase his Nortronics head inventory, and we were honored to accept. That day, the JRF head inventory expanded to well over 52,000 heads. For the next year and a half, Cookie and John spent countless hours conducting an inventory review, entering part numbers, electrical / mechanical specifications and head cross-reference information into our database.

We are proud to continue Joe Dundovic's vision and be the largest source for Nortronics heads in the world.

We are saddened to report that Joe Dundovic passed away on November 30, 2014 at 92 years. His contributions to the world of analog heads and tape recording are immeasurable and he will be sadly missed by the many friends and customers who knew him over the years.

Here are listings containing various Nortronics guides and spec sheets to aid you in selection of replacement heads.

Nortronics Audio Magnetic Heads Catalog (whole document, PDF 24.7MB)
(known in our office as "The Silver Catalog")
Individual sections:

Nortronics Magnetic Head Specifications (whole document, PDF 3.2 MB)
  • Page 1: Stereo/mono 1/4-inch tape, Record/Playback, Record (PDF 1.4 MB)

  • Page 2: Cassette .150-inch tape, Record/Play, Playback, Record;
    1/4-inch tape multichannel Record/Play, Playback, Record
    (pt.1) (PDF 164 KB)

  • Page 3: 1/4-inch tape multichannel Record/Play, Playback, Record (pt.2); "Combo" Heads (PDF 164 KB)

  • Page 4: Special Heads; Professional Heads (pt.1) (PDF 188 KB)

  • Page 5: Professional Heads (pt.2); Studio Heads (1/2", 1", 2")
    Record, Playback, Record/Play (PDF 180 KB)

  • Page 6: Erase Heads 1/4", cassette, and specials;
    Studio Erase Heads (1/2", 1", 2"); Application Notes (PDF 233 KB)

  • Pages 7 & 8: Head Outlines (PDF 2.0 MB)

Nortronics Professional Tape Head Catalog (PDF 5.6 MB)

Individual sections:

Nortronics Consumer Tape Heads Replacement Guide
(whole document, PDF 13 MB) (known in our office as "The Brown Catalog")

Alphabetical sections separated by manufacturer and model number:
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