Replacement heads from JRF
Replacement heads
For any format...
  • 2" 16- or 24-track
  • 1" 16-, 8-, or 4-track
  • 1/2" 4-track (standard or low-speed duplication mastering)
  • 1/2" or 1/4" 2-track mastering
  • 1" 2-track mastering for Studer A80, A800, J37 or C37
  • 2" 8-track (+ 9th timecode track) for Studer A800, A827, A820 Otari MTR90
  • High-speed and in-cassette duplication
For any machine
When it's time to replace your multitrack or mastering heads, JRF lets you choose the exact heads you want, selecting from a variety of sources and suppliers.

Original Manufacturers - Our close working relationship with manufacturers like Studer, Otari, TEAC/Tascam, and Sony allows us to supply genuine factory replacement heads at no additional charge. For those who feel there is just no substitute for the original, we carry exactly the same heads, and deliver them with JRF's fast and friendly service. All factory-supplied heads go through our own rigorous testing, and come supplied with complete documentation.

Tape Machine Manufacturers
Independent Manufacturers - We carry the complete lines from a variety of independent manufacturers of replacement heads. No matter the make, model or age of your recorder, JRF has replacement heads that will bring your multitrack recorder back up to new factory spec – if not better! Give us a call for a listing of most suppliers and available models . Chances are we either have it in stock or can get it in a day or two.
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JRF's PLX line
To offer you even more choices and substantial savings, we have designed our own PLX line of premium quality direct replacement heads. Each head is made to JRF's exact specifications, and combines the latest refinements in magnetic head design with precision craftsmanship and extended-wear materials.

Compared to original heads, many PLX models offer extended high frequency performance and improved crosstalk specs. Mechanically, PLX heads are manufactured to tolerances usually found only in the most expensive heads, with track width and mounting surface to centerline maintained within 0.001 inch. Other features include 0.012 inch minimum tip depth, extended high permeability crosstalk shielding, and 0.002 inch core laminations for optimum frequency response. In most cases, PLX heads may be substituted for original factory models with little or no alterations to electronics.

PLX heads are available for a wide variety of recorders and tape formats, including 4-track heads for Otari MTR-12 and Studer A80MR low-speed mastering recorders for tape duplication.

No matter which heads you choose, you can take advantage of JRF's unsurpassed service. Send in your headblock and we'll spare you the tedious and time-consuming job of removing your old heads, installing the new ones, and aligning them on your own.

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That's a fact, Jack!
The FIRST thing we want to do is to refurbish your existing heads! Why pay hundreds - even thousands - of dollars for new heads when JRF can bring your worn (but relappable) heads up to new factory spec for a fraction of the cost. That's why we always recommend that your send us your old heads before buying new ones. We'll let you know if they can be relapped and, if so, the approximate useable life remaining.

Whether you choose to refurbish or replace, you benefit from JRF's unequaled experience in digital/optical alignment service. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, JRF's highly skilled techs align your heads to tolerances within 0.0005 inch. The complete procedure includes disassembly, reassembly, wiring, rotation and setting of guides, cleaning of all surfaces. (Ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication of flutter idlers is optional.) After thorough final testing, your headblock is returned with all appropriate documentation.
We're good guys, really!
Since 1979, JRF Magnetic Sciences has been dedicated exclusively to providing audio professionals with the absolute finest in premium quality magnetic heads, related products, and customer service. At JRF, you always can count on quality products and the fastest, friendliest, most responsive service in the audio industry.
Flux Magnetics heads from JRF
JRF Magnetic Sciences is a distributor for the complete line of FLUX Magnetics replacement heads. We carry in stock the Flux Magnetics ME line of heads for Studer A80 and Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2-track mastering recorders. Precision manufacturing combined with Flux Magnetics’ proprietary ME (Mastering Extended Response) core design to provide superior tape stability, increased bias and record headroom, and 20Hz wavelength playback response at 30ips.
Flux Magnetics Studer heads
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