Other related products
As part of their ongoing efforts to serve the needs of the specialized interests inside the audio industry, JRF also offers the following products which may be your specialized interest:
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Tape Duplication Heads
Products duplicated on tape, in spite of the highly-published decline in popularity, still represent a significant percentage of the prerecorded market. Customer demands for high quality and competitive pricing make good maintenance practices and the use of quality replacement parts essential. Combined, the JRF staff represents over 65 years of experience in tape duplication support. (One member dates back to the mid-60s and the first 4-track cartridge format!)

JRF provides products and services for both high-speed and in-cassette tape duplicators. Head reconditioning and replacement heads by Saki Magnetics, DRS and original equipment manufacturers. Additional products include T-Bar head adjustable mounts for fast and extremely accurate mechanical alignment of heads, precision tape guides, pinch rollers, bearings, and test tapes. The JRF design team is always available to assist with your product development, custom head, and assembly requirements.
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One-inch two track conversion kits
One-inch two-track analog is, without question, the fattest, most dynamic format available at any price. It is considered by many to be the new analog high standard of excellence.

JRF has built a number of one-inch two-track machines and head assemblies utilizing the Studer A80VU transport and electronics. Our choice of the Studer A80 is based on its uncompromising ability to transport one-inch tape with excellent phase stability and control. Flux Magnetics' extended performance "Mastering Series" heads and precision Swiss Class 7 transport bearings are used exclusively on all one-inch conversions. Users say it best: "Truly unbelievable."
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